Friday, 5 June 2009

Wurttember Prince paul Regt15mm: Scott's commison

I recently accepted a commission (at mates rates) from an old army mate (Scott) to paint a 15mm Napoleonic force containing Bavarians, wurttemberg, Saxons and Westphalians, I have started on the Wurttembergs first as I am still waiting on some Fantassin Bavarians to arrive from the U.S

The figures- AB, these figures are lovely, there are some slight scale difference between the poses, but this works well because all the equipment is the same size, the differences would be within a normal range, the poses are all realistic and natural, in this case all are marching, 5 different fusilier poses and 1 each of drunner, officer on foot, mounted officer and ensign. the uniform and equipment is all accurate as fare as I can see, the faces are very nice. these figures are really 18mm and a little big for 15mm but they fit well with Fantassin and Old glory. 9/10

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