Saturday, 13 June 2009

How too: Small scale camo without an air brush

This is Revells JagdPanther early, with a Kubal from Italeri, figures on the TD are from AB and the figs in the Kubal are from Matchbox's Sdkfz 11, added the Zimmerit from miliput putty detail added using wire, and coke cans, Grenade mesh is nylon. To get the camo effect, first paint the base (really only works with a light base, so is good for late war German) once dry, crush pastel chalks into powder (or use pastel powders) apply the pastel in desired camo effect using an old paint brush, a thin one for thin lines, you need to rub the pastel into the paint base, blow any excess off, (be careful to not leave pastel finger prints) then seal with a spray varnish (I use a gloss so I can do my decal and washes) then spray with a Matt varnish, paint any detail, paint any chipping/damage, then finish with your favourite weathering tech.

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