Monday, 22 June 2009

Trumpeters 1/72 Ferdinand

Hi guys, this is Trumpeters 1/72 Ferdinand, its a very detailed kit, with beautiful link and length tracks and because it was one of their first releases I was thinking that they would be a big rival to Revel who were the front runners in Braille scale kits at the time, however this was one in only a few kits brought out by their A team followed by a long string of B team offerings, despite the great end product this kit was not without its problems, the hatches are all molded closed, and the running gear was a nightmare to assemble, you have to be very careful or you end up with a lot of misaligned wheels. Due to the wheel problems I would give this an 8.5/10 This was one of my first camo attempts with an airbrush, the camo pattern turned out larger than I wanted but not bad for a first attempt. details were added with wire and lead foil. Replicated tread pattern on the fenders using cigarette packet paper.

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