Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Burnt out T-34

Hi guys, this is my first attempt at building a burnt out tank, I did it about 5-6 years ago, I like the job I did on the T-34 and mortar/crew however I'm not happy about the grass and ground work, the long grass is too clumpy and unnatural and the burnt ground doesn't look convincing, but too many projects for me to go back and work on old stuff. the T-34 is from Italeri 7/10 (if I remember correctly it had link and length tracks but they were so badly cast that they were almost impossible to put together convincingly), Italeri has been out done by the Dragon kits, so all T-34 I have bought since (quite a few) have been from Dragon or UM, I scratch built the engine bay, the wheels are from a UM T-34, these come with a horrible rubber outer road tire, for the burnt wheels I left the tire off, I painted the burnt areas dark brown and gave it a wash with my rust wash solution. The mortar and crew are from Pegasus, these are absolutely awesome figures and mortar models, you get 2 120mm and 3 81mm mortars they get 9/10 these figures can be converted to fit a range of crew served weapons, they are also easy to convert being made from hard plastic and are a dream to paint. The track is just ordinary rail road modellers track.

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