Saturday, 29 August 2009

Manfred Von Richthofen's Fokker Dr 1

Hi Guys, this is my first WWI fighter, I made this about 7 years ago, (its Manfred Von Richthofen's Fokker Dr 1 by Revel)I plan to make a lot more WWI fighters, I'm not familiar enough with the period to judge this kit but it looks pretty good to me, this current base is just for display purposes, I will be getting flight stands to mount planes on for war gaming in the future, sill looking for suitable pilot figures (may have to try and sculpt some myself) the strut cables are made from stretched sprue, with limited knowledge in this area I would give this a 7/10, I made a mistake on this plane, the tail fin should be white, might fix it at a later date.

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