Friday, 8 April 2011

Basic camo done

Hi guys, I have decided the colours are good, have added more dots, all comments welcome


  1. Much better, in my opinion. I think maybe overlapping the different colored dots would make it look even more "camo-like."

  2. Only thing I would say it may need a little more highlighting and a glaze to deepen the shadows. This will put that extra layer on the whole and make the camo look like it is more apart of the mech.
    Looks good Mate!

  3. thanks guys, this is just the basic camo, have yet to do any detail, highlighting, wheathering or washes

  4. Looks damn good thus far, I just wanted to be sure you fixed it up ALL THE

  5. looks far better with the more spots fine looking camo pattern bravo
    Peace James