Sunday, 17 April 2011

My first ever 15mm sculpt

Hi guys, this is my first ever 15mm sculpt, its pretty rough in these close up picts, it doesn't look so bad with the Mk I eyeball, its a bit hard to tell in the photos, but he only has one leg, I may put the other one on the base, I went with a casualty to convey the wish of this AI race, the destruction of all natural, life within the universe, I plan to smooth out some of the joints with so milliput, I'm also thinking of building up the forehead with a bit more putty, the body armourmakes him look a little like he is in a gorilla suit, I really would appreciate some constructive criticism.


  1. Gruesome! But that was the goal wasn't it?

  2. Cool Brother.
    Try to work in layers as you go. This allows you to shape the model more. Good job keep at it!

  3. Completely awesome! Proportions are bang on and everything looks great. Excellent detail.

  4. Very nice, especially for beeing your first!

  5. Excellent job. Very dramatic pose.

  6. Thanks guys
    Evyn - yes, the whole concept of these guys is gruesome.
    Joe - I will try to work in layers in future, this guys is a little on the small side so I will add a layer to him and try to smooth it out more.