Saturday, 13 August 2011

For Swap Necron lord

Hi guys, time to offer up for swap some stuff that whilst I still like, somebody else may have a more immediate use for, when something is no longer available I will remove the post altogether, the available stuff will remain in the "swap" folders until they are gone.
Contact me on

Stuff I want
SCI Fi mechs of any scale suitable for use with 15mm
DP9 Mechs
Caesars WWII French
Trumpeters 1/72 Char B1 Bis
Hat WWII 1/72 Romanians
1/72 WWII kits and figs, will consider any, but am after early war French, Poles, Germans
1/72 WWI will consider any
15mm Sci Fi will consider any
28mm Sci Fi, Heresy, Infinity, Hasslefree, Copplestone, pig iron, GW (Nids only)
15mm WWII will consider any
15mm Fantasy
15mm or 28mm post apoc will consider any
15mm Napoleonics AB, old glory, preffered but will consider any
28mm ancients and medieval will consider any

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