Monday, 22 August 2011

TMP 15mm scifi mini exchange

Hi guys, my exchange figures from the TMP 15mm Scifi mini exchange arrived today (thank you Jeremy AKA Loco smoko), they are Rebel minis Gun clerics, this is good for my collection, as I don't have any Rebel minis, they are painted to a good standard, the 15mm scifi board is already talking about having another swap, this time it looks like it will be a vehicle swap, I'm tossing up between a converted dropship or making a walker/mech, I have some promising Mechs on order but they are on back order so I don't know if they will arrive on time.


  1. Dan I'm glad they have arrived!
    I know you were a little frustrated by your posting on TMP when they didn't show up but presume they got shipped across and not by airmail?
    Cheers Matt

  2. Nice minis, I've been meaning to do an order from Rebel. No time!