Friday, 19 August 2011

WWII German 1/72 force part 5

Hi guys, these are almost done, only a couple of little details to paint.

Tracks - got a base coat of Vellajo Hull Red, a oil wash of burnt sienna to replicate rust (this was done on the exhaust as well) a dry brush of dark gray, then a dry brush with silver on the areas that are polished from wear.
weathering - these are only war gaming models so I'm keeping the weathering simple, I crushed some Gold Ochre pastel chalk, add water until is a muddy water consistency, similar to the oil wash the pastel chalk sediment will settle on the bottom, this allows you to use either the dirty water on top or the chalk mud on the bottom, the chalk mud was used around the running gear and the dirty water used on the rest of the model, when dry it gives a dusty look, when applied like this it is very resilient to wear and is not messy to handle (unlike unsealed pastel chalk that's brushed on dry) on the gun tires, I dampen (not to wet) the end of my finger and rub off the pastel chalk on the sides of the tire, this gives a nice effect of dirty worn tires.
Next up will be the crew and gun teams.