Monday, 12 September 2011

15mm test Stormtrooper

Hi guys, fellow gamer, blogger and friend Arjun sent me his micromachine star wars figures to test some conversion possibilities, and here is my test Stormtrooper conversion, using GZG NI body and micro machine stormtrooper head, the head looks a little big, but not overly, 15mm figs generally have big heads anyway, and the design of the helmet may just also just be big, what do you thinks? does it work? I'm tending to say yes, the other types of troops, e.g. rebels are also looking promising.


  1. Looks good. I'd try to make a press-mold rather than hacking up Micro machines figs though :) It's cheap, I've tried it and had some success. Here's a youtube link:

  2. I want this converted mini!!! :) :) :)