Monday, 5 September 2011

Colonist vehicle crew finished

Hi guys, here is the crew that will go with the colonist vehicle, I have painted them in Weyland - Yutani corp uniforms, as these will go with the vehicle in the TMP mini swap I have left the bases bare so the new owner can do them as they wish, very nice delicate figures with potential to be used as any type of ship crew or even civilians, the figs can be found here, I got home to late for natural light, so these were taken with a flash.


  1. Hi Dan

    They look so different to the ones on his site its amazing what a paint job will do:) I didn't even think they were the same mini's until I saw your bare model in an earlier post and asked who did them:) Great job!

    Cheers Matt

  2. Nice paint job.
    Weyland - Yutani ??? The corporation from Aliens II??

  3. Thanks guys, yes weyland - Yutani is the ruthless/evil corp from the Aliens franchise.