Friday, 17 February 2012

WIP 15mm heavy APC

Hi guys, I needed some Heavy APCs to carry infantry to support my Mechs, I have 3 1/72nd scale Stryker kits in my stash, so have designed this, the tracks are from Hats rubbish quick build T-34, a dog of a kit and this is the only use I could find for it, I'm not sure if the wheel base in to short though, the alternative configuration would be to shorten the track by a wheel and adding the origiinal road wheel to the front to make a half track. The turret is from an Airfix Scimitar, I still need to add a gun.


  1. The tracks look just long enough - pretty close to those on the LVTP-7

    Nice conversion there Dan.

  2. Nice conversion!

    WHere do You find those plasticard?

  3. That looks very cool. I like the additional armor plating.

  4. I concur, the tracks look fine and the model looks great. Is that architects plasticard your using? Looks good.

  5. Great conversion Dan. The plasticard is Evergreen Sheet Styrene, correct?

  6. Hats rubbish quick build? First I've heard of it. Where can I find more info on getting cheap tracks for my own kitbashes?

    BTW it's looking good.

  7. Hi guys
    The plasticard - I bought it a while ago, so the packaging is gone, but I think it was evergreen, they have a whole range of tectured plastic sheets, there are bigger squares, but this size looks good in 15mm.
    The Mechs - were obtained in a swap, and are by RAFM, who I think are OOP now.
    Hats T-34 - its really a crap kit, their other quick builds are better, I would recommend PSCs quick builds, you get 3 in a box and they are much better detailed and more accurate, I used the Hat tracks because, I didn't want to build them as a T-34 and because they are less recognizable as T-34 tracks then PSCs.

  8. nice mate,

    it looks spot on

    if you are after extra turrets, chassis and bits etc I have a bunch of 1/72nd resin and plastic bits I could send you.