Friday, 6 July 2012

WIP 1/72 Centaur

Hi guys, Jacksarge, the first winner of the annual Gunners Wargaming give away, needed a Centaur to support his British commandos, so I am converting Revell's 1/72 Cromwell into a Centaur of the Royal Marines Armored Support Group 1st Armored Support Regiment, 2nd Battery, just need to find some suitable spare track for the front, there will also be some British infantry converted to Commandos to go with it.


  1. Very nice. Are you going to paint all the markings around the turret? That's the most annoying part of the Centaur for me.

  2. Hi MP, yes, all markings will be hand painted, not looking forward to the turret markings though.

  3. Dan that's looking absolutely brilliant. You are indeed a generous man, thanks for going to all this effort.
    Just wondering, which manufacturer's figures you were going to use to convert in commandos?

    Thanks Heaps,

  4. That looks brilliant. Really clever stuff.