Friday, 24 May 2013

15mm DKoK Rough Riders finished

Hi guys

The first 6 Rough Riders are done, maybe a little too pink with the facings, but I think pink facings fit the slight Napoleonic feel, I think I will use pale blue/grey mounts for the next batch, all comments welcome.


  1. They look superb mare, the horses are in particular are excellent.

  2. When you said in an earlier post you were thinking about pink for the mounts I was skeptical, especially in 15mm. I just wasn't sure it would get the look you were going for. No I'm going to say the hardest three words a married man can say: I was wrong.

    These look so beatifully creepy. The hairless pink is a great contrast to the dark riders. Everything pops.

    Great job, man!

  3. Thanks guys, glad they look creepy.

  4. Superb painting Dan, a very high standard

  5. They look great! Love the colours, and especially the horsey gas masks.