Friday, 28 March 2014

Tau force so far

Hi guys,

Firstly, another call out for help with spare Tau parts, I have had zero luck so far, I need them for my Tau walker conversions, looking for fire warrior weapons, armour, sensors and a couple of heads, I don't need much, would be happy with enough to convert even 2 walkers, happy to pay or trade.

Here are some shots of what I have finished in this force so far, not all of these models are complete, I would like the finished force to have
some HQ elements (only have the 1 XV22 stealth suit so far)
2 large walkers (was going to have 4, but scaled back to 2)
6-9 Crisis Suits (want to have 6 the same as the 3 pictured, and 3 larger ones)
1 drop ship (converted from a poor 2nd hand Hammerhead I bought off Ebay, hasn't arrived yet)
6 armoured vehicles (have made the mock up of one, will make a mould and cast the rest)
4-6 x 12 man infantry sections (may use a different line of figures of further fire warriors, not enough variety in poses in the Ygs, looking at CMGs Protolene Khanate figs)
2 x 5 man stealth suit sections
a heap of drones (will use GZG flying gun drones)


  1. Looking good so far!

    I think the reason why you are having trouble finding parts is that the kits come with with almost enough parts for another trooper, so most people are in desperate need for these parts themselves. I got mine off eBay for little money actually. There seems to be a huge market on eBay of people selling 40K sprues by the part.

  2. That army just looks amazeballs. Fantastic converting mate!

  3. I really like them! I was looking through your other 15mm sci fi stuuf and loved the 15mm Imperial Guard lancers, very cool.

  4. Amazing seeing them all together! I was looking forward to seeing your Crisis Suits, & they do not disappoint! Great work, very inspiring.

  5. Thanks guys,
    MW - yes the lancers are a favourite of mine to.
    dhc - yeah I suspect you are right, very difficult to find spares.