Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tau spare parts needs for 15mm Tau Titan conversions

Hi guys, looking for spare Tau parts for my 15mm Tau Titan conversions, for my 15mm Tau army, making 4 titans, converted from 3 Khurasan L-HACs and the mech below, I will need fire warrior and crisis suit, head/helmets, weapons, armour parts, sensors, antennae, anything you don't have a use for, will buy or swap.
Check my 15mm Tau label for info on the army

I am Converting The large grey one, and 3 Khurasan L-HACs, the big gun goes, will change the legs to a dog leg configuration, replace the head with a crisis suit head or sensor, if I can get one, or scratch build one, will remove the arms from the elbow down a replace with suitable weapons, will add Tau armour, or scratch built armour, than detail with whatever I can get.


  1. I might be able to help you with the Fire warrior parts. And your pics are not showing up for some reason

  2. Hi Moody, I think it may be because I used an I-pad to do my post, I'll see if I can fix it with a PC, thanks, I am interested in any parts you don,t need, I don't need much, only doing 4 mechs, from fire warriors I'm looking for weapons, helmets, antennae, shoulder armour, and drones, drop me an email at and we will work something out.

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