Tuesday, 11 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau part 2

Hi guys, just an update with some more conversion work, have added some heavy weapons, Tau rifles, antenna, not sure about the stealth suits, I feel they are to top heavy, some questions
1) should I add the antenna to the backs of every trooper? Or just commanders?
2) do the stealth suits pass muster?
3) is there anything else I can do to these to make them even more Tau like?
All C&C welcome.

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  1. Everything looks bloody good to me.

  2. I think they are looking great as they are, mate :)

  3. I agree with the above, the detail you've got onto such tiny figures is amazing!

  4. Very cool. Great conversions Dan!

  5. Can't think of anything constructive to say other than to agree with the above- bravo!

  6. Quite excellent work!

    You should turn your hand to some original material and make a killing! Really good

  7. Thanks guys, I bulked up the Stealth suit feet and they are looking better, now just need to base and paint.

  8. Nice work. If you bulked up the feet of the stealth suits, I think you have it covered.

    And antennas just for section leaders, unless you are going to do the little helmet ones.