Friday, 11 April 2014

28mm Walking dead survivors finished

Hi guys, I'm going to break up the finished apoc survivors into several posts, as there are just to many pics, here are the Walking dead survivors,
Daryl - he looks like he has been holding up in the Cheesburger consortium and has put on 40 kgs, re sculpted the hair, added the vest, otherwise stock figure.
Rick - stock figure, except I drilled out the left knee and sculpted a tear in his pants, and re did his hair to look more like Rick, I was going to do him in all black, but I started to noticed it seems like nearly every character in the walking dead is wearing black, so I went with the tan shirt and black pants.
Glenn - the fig has a hoody, this was the only pic I could find with him in a hoody, so went with that scheme, besides, there's no black, he still looks more African American than Korean, didn't get the skin colour right.
Carl - stock fig with the troopers hat relocated, I reshaped the hat to a more realistic feel.
All C&C welcome.


  1. Very good job, captured the feel of the characters!

  2. Very cool, I made some celebrity survivors on my blog last week Yours are so much better, especially your Daryl. I hope you don't mind me blatantly copying your survivors.