Friday, 11 April 2014

28mm Zombicide figs finished

Hi guys, the next batch are all Zombicide figs, single piece softish plastic, I have not converted them at all,
Dog the Zombie Hunter - the first figure looked a little like Dog the bounty hunter, so I painted him up as him, all these figures are painted for my mate, and he is a St George Dragons fan (Aussie Rugby league club)
so I put him in their colours, red/white.
Wests Tigers - my team however are the Wests Tigers, so I painted this in their colours, Orange/white/black.
Shane - The cop could pass a Shane from the walking dead before he shaved his head, so I painted him in the Khaki uniform.
The Mormon Zombie killer - my mates a Mormon, so the fig with the twin ozzies can be a Mormon door knocker.
And lastly a group shot.


  1. Love the paint jobs on them. I have a big 28mm survivors collection but now gone over to 15mm I don't really use them much any more.

  2. Yeah, these were painted for a friend, I plan on re doing all the terrain and figs in 15mm.

  3. Very nicely done they are all great! I take it you've been shopping at Khurasan doing them in 15mm :)

  4. Yes waiting for a pack of survivors.