Thursday, 3 April 2014

Have a guess what i will do with this

Hi guys, look what the postman brought, a nice cheap purchase of evil bay, $30 including postage, pretty bad paint job, but I will be stripping it anyway, some nice weapons, the flamer will go on a crisis suit, the big gun at the front will go on my second Titan/Mech, guess what I will do with the hull.


  1. Orca it is, well any Orca type Dropship, looking into stretching the cargo area and making it 4 engined, have been stripping the paint, not sure what he painted it with, but having a hell of a time getting it off, if it wasn't so thick and uneven I would paint over it.

  2. One good thing, whatever the glue was that he used went soft in the oven cleaner, so it fell apart easily, will make converting much easier.