Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Khurasan Brunt herds arrive to reinforce my 15mm Space Orcs

Hi guys, one concern I had when planning my 15mm Space orc army was the seeming lack of Orc minis, I thought I may struggle with variety in poses etc, however I am finding that there is actually quite a large number of suitable figures, my Khurasan Brunt herd figs have just arrived and I am eager to start cutting them up and Orcafying them, here is a pic of the available poses, and a size comparison against 2 GZG and 2 Khurasan Orcy types, they are nice and hefty and will be great as heavier troops, I will be sculpting boots on them, cutting off the tails and faces and giving them orc faces, armour and helmets, happy days.


  1. Good news! I plan to build a space orc army one day.

  2. As for the "seeming lack of orc minis", Jon at GZG assured me that in the near future (perhaps in the late summer or early fall) he's going to release more "alien mercenary" not-orks codes, including heavies and command/hero figures...he says the two blisters he's selling as of now are very popular so the range deserved an expansion...