Monday, 30 June 2014

Cheap Dragon find

Hi guys, was going through my local $2 store and came across these, they are made by a company called Ausini, and the sets are called "The world of dinosaur" I got sets no.923 and 926, there were 6 in each bag for $5 per bag, so they came out to 83 cents each, they are made of vinyl, some are harder than others, but all will take and hold paint well I fell, they are fairly detailed, the only complaint I would have would be the poses, some of the "standing on hind legs" poses are usable, but they are mostly in that pose, I would have preferred more "on all fours" poses, there's only 1 of those, there are some cool themed dragons to with an aquatic and serpent feel, I will be filling any gaps, adding some detail with putty, some of them may get cut up and re posed, then giving them a good paint job, some will end up being used for parts, some will have riders, good find, the figure is a Khurasan 15mm fig for size, my favourite are all the green and blue ones, the orange one is not to bad either.



  1. I bought a bag of these last year. I haven't done a complete repaint on one, though.

    Here's my review:

    And a couple of them touched up: