Sunday, 12 April 2015

Airfix to the rescue

Hi guys

Whilst I only had one metal MG34 for my Stalingrad platoon, I had a heap of plastic MG34s, so I rummaged through my plastics and pulled a few likely suspects out, most didn't have enough detail, or were to spindly, I settled on that good old mainstay, Airfix, it amazes me how Airfix could get the bipod right when all the companies that followed couldn't, Italeri didn't even bother trying, even the excellent Pegusis SS figure has an off set bipod.

So how to fix a soft plastic barrel to a metal figure? the best way is to use a little putty and superglue, I drilled a hole in the end of the reciever group, filled with putty, put a blob of super glue on, and push the barrel into the putty, should be strong enough to hold.
I am also converting a loader from a AB radio operator, I added a gasmask container and water bottle from the Airfix fig and will do a headswap.
Those Airfix figs are so good, almost seems a shame to use them for conversions, oh well, stay tuned.


  1. Good ideas, Stalingrad needs lots of MG's


  2. That's a very handy conversion!

    Dan just to check my emails reached you ok?