Saturday, 6 June 2015

Paper 15mm dred model

Hi guys

Well, I haven't touched my 15mm Blood Angels for a long while, so I have been thinking about dreds and vehicles, and I had an epiphany, why not try paper models? I have never made a paper model, and I'm willing to give it a go.
I searched for and found a few 40k paper models on the web, and will start with a dred, as this is the next thing I wanted to add to my force, I am starting with a Mk III, I printed the plans out at 50% size, but they looked a little small, so re printed at 60%
Theres a few ways I can go about this, I am starting with no. 1 and if that doesn't work will try the other ideas.
1) glue the plans to cardboard, cut out and assembly, then detail the finished model before painting, I am afraid the model maybe very delicate, and I will need to think about the painting process, as my usual way using washes etc probably wont work with paper.
2) use the plans to make the parts out of plasticard and construct the parts like a model, this maybe very time consuming.
3) use the idea in no. 1, but once detailed, try and make a mould of the parts for casting in resin.
4) use the paper model as a template for sculpting the model out of putty.

Anyway, I will keep you informed on how it goes.



  1. Check paper modellers sites. I would use nitrocellon - special modelling laquer (nitrocellulose diluted in acetone) to impregnate and toughen paper. After impreganting with nitrocellon paper will be as durable as plastic.