Saturday, 17 October 2015

Start of a terrain project

Hi Guys

I have always been a figures/vehicles guy, but have been thinking about terrain  for a little while now, I have started my terrain project off by purchasing this green teddy bear fur and a door mat, I had been looking on line for a suitable fur for a couple of weeks, but had not found anything suitable in my price range, I stumbled across this at my local spotlight not long ago, but it was $70 a meter, and I wanted 2m, and couldn't afford it then, luckily spotlight was having a 40% off sales this week, there was only 1.3m left, it ended up costing me $60.
I also bought this $5 door mat to turn into crops.
Now to decide how to proceed, my options are
1) leave as is, and build some roads/rivers to place over it (this would give the most flexibility)
2) leave as one piece and cut roads etc into it, less flexible, but I have seen some stunning examples done like this.
3) cut it into 1 foot squares, glue to rubber backing and cut roads/rivers into it, this will give it flexibility and the same look as option 2, but it will end up heavier and harder to store.
Thoughts? If I leave it in 1 piece, should I add colour? should I shave it down with hair clippers? there is about 1,1/2 feet overhang on one side, I could cut that off, glue to rubber backing and cut roads/rivers into that? lots of ideas.
I plan to make buildings out of printed paper, which I will add extra detail to.


  1. Don't want to procrastinate to long, so have decided to leave it whole, I may do a light sand coloured spray over some areas for variation, I will cut the excess off and glue them to thin rubber backing, then cut roads/rivers into that, and do a couple of T X and Y intersections, and that should do it, then start on buildings.

  2. Man i wish id found a green fur mat when i did my teddy bear fur table. My local spotlight had lots of stupid colours but no green so i had to go for a brown one. you have no idea how much time you have saved yourself !!! Can wait to see your progress.

  3. Also i love the idea of cutting it into pieces and gluing it ont a backing of some time so you can do terrain tiles - awesome idea. Love to know how the gluing turns out. If it works well for you ill give that a go myself on my next table. Rather than rubber backing you might want to think about cork tiles (not too expensive, all pre cut in roughly 1' sections.)