Saturday, 2 January 2016

Kampfgruppen Danl a new project for 2016

Hi guys

First post of the year, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! everyone.

For the WWII era I used to be a static modeller only, and I have built up a pretty good collection of display models, however I have been stung by the WWII war gaming bug.

I moved house a few months ago and have only unpacked my display models today, (it has taken so long because I don't really have a good place to display them) anyway, what a sorry sight they are, I packed them pretty good, but most have some damage, usually small, a broken barrel or machine gun, some worse (don't ask me about any German command vehicle with frame antennae, you don't want to know) and covered in a layer of dust, so they need work.

With all that in mind, and the fact I don't have enough room for display models and war gaming models I have decided to combine the 2 interests by removing all the display bases, cleaning and fixing the models and mounting them on more war gaming friendly bases.

The only problem I see is that some of the tracks are pretty firmly attached and the bases are even essential to holding some of the tracks together (thinking of the terrible thick vinyl tracks of Fujimi and Airfix)

I will use this opportunity to build my long thought about Kampfgruppen Danl (inspired by Panzerfaust200 excellent KG Wotan ) its a good start, this way I have 30 odd vehicle straight off the bat.

As I want to use these in my KG should I think about repainting them for some unity (the display models are from many different units and fronts) or should I go with the theme of a KG that's been hastily thrown together from different units? I might remove them from their bases and see how they look together.

For infantry I will use a mix of AB abd Battlefield.

More pics of the display models on their bases can be found under my 1/72 WWII armour  label, but here are some examples

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  1. That's incredible Dan,
    Late last year I made the decision to to the same as you! I have so many kits lying around on bases doing nothing. Started with Russians though. Great plan!