Monday, 4 January 2016

KG Danl Aufklarungs company

Hi guys

First off for my KG I will work on the Panzer recon company, it will be smaller than company size but bigger than a platoon, at this stage I have
1 x 250/1 (Italeri)
1 x 250/3 (Italeri)
2 x 250/9 (1 x S models conversion and 1 Italeri conversion)
1 x 250/10 (Italeri)
1 x 253 (S models)
1 x 234/3 (Hase)
2 x 222 (Airfix)
1 x 251/22 (Hase)
1 x 251/9 (Hase)
1 x 232 (Roden)
I want to add to that list a box of 3 PSC 250s, I will make 1 x 250/8, 1 x 250/11 and a 250/1 out of those, I also want a couple of Hase Puma's.
* The 232 (grey one at the back) got a bit broken in the move, I will need to fix her up and do some touch up painting, I will be leaving this one grey and she will be used in a smaller early war version of my KG.
* The 234/3 will keep her paint, no damage to this one, I need to think of a way to get rid of the "Wiking"emblem and need to re add the commander figure.
* The 250/10, front row left will get some work done, need to lower the front wheels, add a rear MG mount, and give her a re paint.
* The 253 will be painted, probably wont see any game time, just got it for fun.
* the 250/1, I really need to get a couple more of these, I will get at least 1 PSC one and maybe another Italeri one.
* The 250/3 will have a Pz grey interior and a dark yellow, green and brown cammo, figure this is an old vehicle from the grey days who has been field painted, I imagine this command vehicle stays a little further back from direct enemy contact (not much though) so has lasted longer than the other company vehicles, I will make this one a little dio with the company commander and a couple of other soldiers discussing their plans (pic below)
* the 2 x 250/9s, the painted one, if I remember correctly, is an Italeri conversion (even though they actually make a 250/9) I think I used a Fujimi 222 turret, she has some damage from the move, I will fix her up, but will probably leave her paint job as she is not to bad, the other 250/9 is converted from the spare 253 (s models come 2 to a box) with an Airfix 222 turret, unfortunately she is shorter than the Italeri model and doesn't really look right, I may add a plasticard plate for the turret to sit on, add grenade screens, and raise the base (these will all be based for wargaming) so she sits at the same height as the Italeri vehicle.


  1. Looking forward to this lot


  2. Good stuff Dan. I see you are posting this on The Guild so I will follow and pass on any suggestions over there...

    Cheer, Dave

  3. That's going to be a neat looking unit with a lot of character. I look forward to seeing where this goes. :)