Sunday, 1 May 2016

War of Spanish Succession British/Dutch/Danish part 2

Hi guys

Just finished up part 2 of this WSS commission (just noticed I didn't do the Hessians blue polka dotted stockings, yes you heard correctly, tough bunch, not as tough as the pink polka dot gents, but tough none the less)

 Here we have

Danish - Livgarde Til Fods Regiment - yellow coat, red cuffs

Danish - Dronningens Regiment - red coat, yellow cuffs, short fusilier cap with yellow front

Hessian - Prince Leopold Regiment - indigo blue coat, blue cuffs, white stockings with blue spots.

Dutch - Number 19 Salm, Dohna-Ferassieres Regiment - grey coat, red cuffs
W├╝rttemberg - Leibgarde - yellow coat, red cuffs, breast plate and helmet
Danish - Livregiment Dragoons - red coat, white cuffs