Monday, 31 October 2016

Brunswick Oels Jager plastic conversions Part 1

Hi guys

First look at my plastic Brunswick Oels Jager conversions, pretty straight forward, Perry Brit bodies (kneeling/officer are Victrix) and a range of Shako heads, dark grey are Perry Brit light Cav, light grey Victrix French, and white Victrix Austrian officers shako, and have used some Perry dismounted dragoon arms with musket trimmed to look like a rifle, then
1) added shoulder straps and pointed cuffs
2) trim lace off Brit line infantry lapels, or side buttons off rifleman lapels
3) smoothed out pack
4) added horse hair plumes
5) officers lace (not happy with that yet, need to go 1 row higher to the shoulders)

Just need to add a few details, base and will take more pics, all comments welcome.


  1. Very Nice conversions. Well done Dan!


  2. Excellent conversions! Well done.