Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Fun with plastics II (Portuguese cacadores)

Hi guys

I was going to do Brunswickers next, but have decided to finish some Portuguese I started years ago, (I will show the line troops later) so I knocked these up last night, not to much of a conversion.
Grey parts are Perry Brits, brown parts Victrix Brits
1) removed loops from cuffs
2) replaced shako plate with putty hunting horn and bigger cockade
3) removed bayonet from musket
4) removed pack straps
5) added Victrix French sword/bayonet and bugle
6) then added putty patches and shoulder loops and banged them up a bit
Still need to added powder horns, and a sling on the officers musket.
All comments and ideas for improvement welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Those are going to look nice when you get them painted up. I haven't really done any Napos, so I can't really offer any detailed thoughts. But I love the variation and individuality you've achieved. You've made them look both human and like a relatively uniform military. Nicely done!