Saturday, 19 November 2016

15mm Napoleonic mixed bag part 1

Hi guys

A large commission of mixed 15mm Napoleonics finished, to large to post all the pics in one post, so I will spread it over at least 3 posts, all AB (Prussians, Austrian Cavalry), CGM (Nassau) or Xan (the rest) miniatures, AB are of course excellent, this is the first time I have paint Xan miniatures, they are more true 15mm so smaller than AB, you could mix them in the same army, but not the same unit, all round they are fairly nice, not quite as good as AB, but you will not be disappointed in them, CGM are similar in size and detail to Xan, again not as good as AB (the bench mark) and their poses/anatomy are probably the lest nice of the 3.
First up a couple of pics of the whole commission, and closer pics of the Brit and Prussians, the units we have are
92nd Gordon Highlanders (Xan)
58th Rutlandshire Regiment Xan)
53rd Shropshire Regiment (Xan)
Prussian 23rd Musketeer Regiment "Winning"(AB)