Wednesday, 11 January 2017

1/72nd Grecian Fantasy adventurers/war band WIP

Hi guys

I have been toying with this in my mind for a while, was tossing up whether to do it in 15mm or 28mm, and finally settled on 1/72nd plastics, I imagine this group is on a quest from their far off island Hellenistic civilisation to find a lost magical item and have vowed to not return until they find it, they have been wandering the world (D&D/Warhammer type world rather than classical Greek mythology type world) for a decade or more, their traditional clothing/body armour has worn down and been replaced by local stuff, but they proudly hang onto their shields and helms.
Figs used, Dasrk allience Cimmerian set 2, and Modern Amazons set 1 bodies, Caesar Miniatures Greek Warriors heads and shields.
I still need to clean the figs up a bit, add some more green stuff detail and tart the bases up, these will be used in a cold climate setting like frostgrave, thinking of also doing a Norse warband using the same Cimmerians converted with Viking heads/shields.


  1. Look forward to seeing how these paint up!

  2. Great work! What are you using to stick the pieces together?

  3. I pin them and glue with superglue

  4. Brilliant. The one guy with the original head looks out of place with the others, but it looks like the one that is off. Your conversions look correct. Nice work with the green stuff. These will paint up nicely.

  5. Love them!! The remind me of those warriors in the film "Willow", those mercenaries fighting against the bad ones.