Wednesday, 1 February 2017

1/72 High Elf Cav WIP conversions

Hi guys

(note: this battle group will be auctioned of when finished, all proceeds will be donated to feeding the homeless in Jesus's name)

These have a lot of work to be done before painting can start, they are the start of a High elf battle group, which will consist of 6 Cav, 10 spear, 10 swords, 10 archers, and 1 each of champion/general, standard barer, musician, and mage.
Still need to add an armoured skirt, helm plumes, bow and quiver, neck armour on some horses, shoulder armour, swords, shields, lances and pennants.
I'm thinking of painting them white and light turquoise similar to my 15mm eldar conversions, but going with a really light turquoise.
Base figures used were Zvezda Napoleonic Russian guard cossacks, and Caesar Greek heads.
All comments welcome.  

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