Wednesday, 12 June 2019

1/72 group build part 3

Hi guys

Part 3 of the group build, previous steps taken.
1) Spray a dark grey base coat, Humbrol Pz grey with some black.
2) Mid grey sprayed, aiming for all the centres of panels, this leaves a nice shaded look.
4) Chipping added using dark grey and the sponge technique, trying to not overdo this step.
5) gave 4 of the vehicles a blue filter, and the other 3 a khaki filter.
6) paint the rubber wheels black, tracks and tools vellajo leather brown, you could use chocolate brown, but theres a little more red in the leather brown, which feels right to me.
7) a coat of gloss varnish.
8) add decals.
9) black pin wash.

Latest steps 

10) second brown pin wash, deliberately more messy then the black pin wash
11) Mat coat applied
12) light highlight dry brush

Breaking out the oil paints to start the weathering process.


  1. They look fantastic! I find it difficult to keep a simple grey colour scheme interesting, you definetly did the job!