Wednesday, 10 July 2019

1/72 Peiper vignette

Hi guys

A model I have been wanting to do for a while as a command piece is Peiper seated in his schwimmwagen, the missing-lynx braille scale board is running a bottletop challenge (basically to build a model that fits in a milk bottle lid) so I thought I would finally do this little piece. The figs will need to be converted to fit the scene.
It wont have much use in a Chain of command platoon, but I'm thinking of turning it into a patrol marker.


  1. Take at Kaizerbarracke, this photo is not Peiper
    It'she SS-Unterscharf├╝hrer Ochsner (smoke a cigarette) and SS-Oberscharf├╝hrer Persin (right) consult a map in the Kaiserbaracke Crossroads, near St. Vith.
    They are from a recon unit of Kampfgruppe Knittel.

    1. Thanks, I will make this little vignette anyway, as it’s the scene and vehicle that I like, not necessarily that it is Peiper.

  2. No, i agree !
    Big little good vignette !