Wednesday, 19 October 2016

15mm AB Saxon army and ACW generals

Hi guys

I have painted at least 5 largish 15mm Saxon army commissions, and have just finished the largest one so far, I wont concentrate on post pics of the infantry as I have post many pics of these types before, just an overall pic to show size of the army, but there are some Cavalry units I haven't painted before, so will show more pics of those
Prinz Clemens Uhlans - green and red
Saxon Zastrow Cuirassiers - yellow with black cuirass
Saxon gaurde du corps - yellow and blue
Saxon Hussars - blue and white
Saxom Leib Grenadiers - red and yellow infantry
as well as my first 15mm ACW in the form of AB generals sets
All comments welcome


  1. Argh. The Saxons look soo nice!

  2. Very nice! What figures did you use for the Uhlans?

  3. Thanks guys, Uhlans are AB Polish lancers with Saxon grenadier heads

  4. Amazing job Dan, Uhlans and Saxon infatry are my favourites, most impressive!