Tuesday 23 July 2019

15mm Nap Russian gunners and SYW British

Hi guys

A couple of commissions finished, some AB Napoleonic Russian gunners and 2 Eureka SYW British Regiment of foot, the 22nd and 36th, drummer mitres left blank as the customers has decals.

Braille scale Forum "anti" group build

Hi guys

Another Braille scale group build challenge starts this week, this time the topic is "anti", anti tank, or anti aircraft, towed, tracked or wheeled and any gun pressed into either role for any period, this is a 20 week long build.
Rather than start another build (I have lots of kits that fit that category) I thought I would use the opportunity to get a few shelf queens finished, these will be my entries.
2 x Stug IIIG late
1 x Romanian Tacam T60
1 x Romanian cannone da 47/32 (with crew)
1 x Pak 40 (with my winter FJs crew)
1 x Sdkfz 7/1 quad AA (with crew)
1 x 17 pdr AT gun (with crew)
1 x 6 pdr AT gun (with crew)

Sunday 21 July 2019

1/72 Schwimmwagen vignette finished (almost)

Hi guys

2 Chain of command recon markers almost finished for the missing lynx braille scale forum bottletop challenge, I need to add number plate decals and the windshield to the sign post schwimmwagen, and some flock on the base of the other schwimmwagen, pretty happy with how these have turned out, all comments welcome.

Saturday 20 July 2019

WIP Schwimmwagen vignette part 3

Hi guys

I couldn't find my cadmium oxide which is used for the green camo (its been 15 years since I used it) so tried to mix up some using raw umber and a light green, but its very light, might have to go over it with paint, the red brown came out OK, its all sealed under a matt coat now. Going to do some more work on these this arvo, lots more work needed on the figs to.

Friday 19 July 2019

WIP Schwimmwagen vignette 2

Hi guys

I was going to do 1 each of a schwimmwagen, Kettenkrad and and kubel as my recon makers for chain of command, but I found this old schwimmwagen in my stash, built 17 years ago, its the Hase kit, I dont like the base coat, to desert yellow in colour, so will re paint it to match this new one, I will buy a third and have a set of 3 as recon makers.
I will be brush painting these, I don't have a dedicated airbrush set up and it takes to much effort to set everything up for 2 kits (that's why I spray paint in batches) I will apply the camo using pastel chalks.
Need to crack on with these only a few days of the challenge to go.

Sunday 14 July 2019

WIP Chain of command army Gebirgsjagers

Hi guys

A quick preview of my next CoC army, Gebirgsjagers, these are still very much work in progress, I'm going to give most of them anoraks, ropes, mountaineering picks etc, I'll do more pics when the conversions are done.

Friday 12 July 2019

WIP Schwimmwagen vignette

Hi guys

Have done some work on the Schwimmwagen vignette, still need to add some detail to the left seated figure, and some gear in the car, thinking of filling out the set o 3 CoC patrol recon markers with a Kettengrad and either a Kubel or a BMW sidecar.