Saturday 27 August 2016

WIP15mm Sharpe and his chosen men

Hi Guys

Here are Sharpe and his chosen men ready for undercoating, I usually undercoat black for 15mm, its very forgiving when you are speed painting and miss spots, it also allows for an easy black lining when needed, but as I am taking my time with these guys, and want the colours to pop a little I will be undercoating white.
I have placed the characters on the paint stick in the order they appear in the black and white picture, Rifleman Cooper, Sergeant Patrick Harper, Richard Sharpe, Rifleman Harris, Rifleman Perkins, Daniel Hagman, as I write this I realise I have left out Isaiah Tongue, will get onto him.
In 15mm theres not a whole lot you can do to bring out particular characters, I have chosen a key characteristic for each and tried to accentuate that, the rest will be in the painting, so for each I chose
Rifleman Cooper - a little hard, he doesn't have much to set him apart, I made his hair a little longer and banged up his hat a little.
Sergeant Patrick Harper - he gets his Nock volley gun, and Tom Jones afro.
Richard Sharpe - his hair and the fact he carried a rifle will make him obvious
Rifleman Harris - I gave him a bonnet and he will have long curly red hair.
Rifleman Perkins - another hard one, he is basically a boy, so left his hair short, just gave him a bonnet.
Daniel Hagman - well long grease scruffy hair and side burns it is, oh and a banged up hat.
Isaiah Tongue - when I do him I will give him a bandanna and scruffy hair.
What do you think?

Friday 26 August 2016

15mm Sharp practice project

Hi guys

Been thinking for a while about a Napoleonic project, as I really enjoy the period, I don't get to play enough to be called a gamer, so just consider myself a enthusiast, with that in mind and the fact I would like to paint a wide variety of different units, but don't want many armies with hundreds of figures each I have decided to do Sharpes practice with individually mounted figures.
Why not just do little dios, or individual figures you ask, to be honest, I don't know, I have always just loves painting armies as apposed to individual figures and dios.
I have both 28 and 15mm figs to choose from but 15mm will keep the project small, and I'm good at this scale, whilst giving me enough work and challenge to be fun, I also have loads of figures to use, and they are cheap to buy more that I don't have.
I really like the Peninsular war so will start there, but I have a shed load of Bavarians so will soon branch out as they did not serve in Spain.
To kick off the project I will start with my favourite unit, the 95th rifles, and as I'm a fan of Richard Sharpe I will concentrate on his band of misfits, a pretty big order making them recognisable at this scale, but that's a challenge I love.
So here is my Shape and Sergeant Harper characters, Sharpe looks about right, the barrel of Harpers Nock gun is way to thick, but it was the thinnest plastic rod I have, looks like he's off to kill predators in the south American jungle :) should I remove his hat and try to create that balding afro he has going? it may added to building his character.

French Indochina M24s

Hi Guys

A couple of French Indochina M24s finished on commission, these are Warlord resin models, pretty simple but they do the job, all comments welcome.

28mm 7YW Imagi-nation

Hi guys

A customers has asked me to paint up a couple of test units for an Imagi-Nation army, flags are hand drawn/painted, he wanted a clean parade ground look for these guys, I think they turned out nice, all comments welcome.

Wednesday 17 August 2016

28mm 7YW Royal Nassau Hussards

Hi guys

Finished these 28mm 7YW Royal Nassau Hussards on commission, figures are the lovely Minden, again a couple of different figures in the rank and file (if only they would do that with their Infantry) this was a colourful unit, one I enjoyed painting, all comments welcome.

Friday 12 August 2016

15mm Colonial marine heavy weapons

Hi guys

Finished the heavy weapons, trikes and 6 wheeler on commission for the 15mm colonial marines, figures are GZG NAC, did an upper torso swap with 2 of the trike riders, the one pointing and the one with the weapon in his hand, all comments welcome.