Thursday 22 March 2012

Call signs Bamboo spear, Wizard and Shogun

Hi guys, here are the last of the mechs, the next post will be a group photo of the whole group 100% finished.
Wizard is the battalion engineer mech, he has had servo arms added and his body stretched, no nose art for him yet, still undecided about the design.
Bamboo spear has suffered some battle damage, and has also had a body stretch.
Shogun is the battalion commanders mech, the only change I made was to add the armour to the calf area using another set of legs, otherwise the legs were to thin, I'm not sure I like his chest rising sun, thinking of re doing it without the grey.
I'm in the middle of converting some mechaniod bots with back banners as infantry.
After all this hard work I'm thinking of selling this force, and others, as I'm now severally running out of room, if I don't sell them they will end up boxed away, and I think they deserve to stride across a table.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Call signs Koi and Cherry Blossom

Hi guys, still need to finish the weathering, I only added cables and gun barrels to Koi, not sure purple was the best colour for Koi, but I already had an orange and yellow mechs, I stretched and added the chain gun to Cherry blossom, Cherry blossom was inspired by Spaceman Spiffs Cherry blossom tank, 3 to go, then I'm onto the infantry.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Call signs Black Dragon and Samurai

Hi guys, again these 2 aren't fully finished a little more weathering to go (I will be getting all the mechs up to the same point, then doing the final weathering together) Black Dragon has had his body elongated and weapons changed from shoulder mounted to elbow mounted, I also added a compartment under the chin, to feasibly allow room for a pilot, Samurai only had the cable on the gun arm changed and the gun barrels added, I will be posting a little background story about each mech later when I do a group shot. They are turning out pretty nice for very cheap plastics.

Friday 16 March 2012

Call Signs Geisha and Tiger

Hi Guys, these 2 aren't quite finished, still have some small details to paint and then more weathering, they are the first 2 mech in my 9 mech Japanese merc battalion, they are call signs Geisha and Tiger, Geisha is inspired by Spaceman Spiffs pink mech, the models are both cheap Russian plastic mechs bought off ebay for around $2 each, Tiger is slightly converted, I stretched his body and and changed the weapons from should to elbow mounted, I will have another 2 mechs done in a couple days.