Wednesday, 22 March 2023

This weeks 3D prints

Hi guys 

This weeks prints, some Pz IV Ds and Es, these will be painted as DAK vehicles, some T-28s and KV1s for a mate, some Matilda 1s for my 1940 BEF project, and some 155mm guns for my 1940 French.  

Monday, 20 March 2023

Next set of vehicles and some crew finished

 Hi guys

Started the next batch of vehicles 2 x Somua S35s (for a client) and 4 x Trippel SG6s for my own projects, 2 will go to my fictional SS KG Danl, the other 2 will go to my 21st Pz D project, also finished some crews for some various armoured vehicles that need them, and a bunch of AB dismounted crew, for when I need bailed out crews. 

Friday, 17 March 2023

1/72 WWII French infantry finished

 Hi guys

20mm WWII French infantry all but finished, just need to do some fine detail on the officers and NCO, then add foliage to the bases and I’m done, pictured here with their Char B1s. Some soft skins are on the French list to finish next.