Friday 24 May 2024


 Hi guys

Pin wash and dry brush added, next I’ll paint the tools etc then start the weathering process.

Thursday 23 May 2024

PzIVs 22nd Pz regt WIP2

 Hi guys

Got some details painted on the Pz IVs, added chipping, filters and markings, I didn’t have any white turret numbers, (the numbers may actually have been yellow, but I’m going with white) so I used black numbers as a guide and re painted white, 6x Pz IVs and a command Pz IV representing the 3rd company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Pz regt, plus the battalion HQ, with the  commander in a Pz IIIL (yet to be painted) and 2 Pz IVHs, as well as the Laffly S45t as a recovery vehicle (I’ll be adding more recovery vehicles more for modelling purposes) next I’ll add a pin wash, give a dry brush, highlight some details, then start on the weathering. 


Monday 20 May 2024

Berliet GBC

 Hi guys

A friend/customer asked me to help him with a pretty large 15mm Portuguese colonial war AK47 project, one of the vehicles I was tasked with designing was the Berliet GBC truck, it was used by the Portuguese to lead convoys as an anti mine vehicle, often reenforced with sandbags and the windscreen was removed to stop flying glass, seats were added to the back to transport troops. The files are now available at my shop in both 1/100 and 1/72 supported and unsupported.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

PzIVHs with there base coats.

 Hi guys

I broke out the airbrush today to paint the PzIVs for the 22nd Pz Regt, and my Iwata airbrush wouldn’t flow air through it, something wrong with the plunger under the trigger, so I removed it to clean and oil, and being a clumsy git, I dropped it onto my wooden deck, naturally enough it fell between the planks, so I’ll have to order another one, in the mean time I took a trip to my local hobby shop, they had a couple of cheap airbrushes, so cheap they don’t even have an name on them anywhere, but funnily enough it did a pretty decent job for my first time on it.

I installed skirts on the PzIVs I had previously painted, and painted those, they don’t quite match the tanks, but after adding filters and weathering I hope they’ll look better, any colour variations I’ll put down to the skirts being added to the tanks after arriving at the unit.

I painted up a laffly S45t as a recovery vehicle, I’m going to add a berg-panzer III or IV as well, also did an old print of a Citroen traction to see how it would paint up, I have a couple of ACE kits I can replace it with, or even a better 3D print, but didn’t want to waste it, I’ll make up one of the ACE kits and compare them.