Saturday 29 April 2023

WIP Dak Pz IV Ds & Es

 Hi guys 

Base coated these Pz IVDs and Es for a friend, doing them as Dak vehicles, I also printed one of Tigeraces  Pz IVs, somehow I missed his PzIV D and E pack when collecting the STLs, otherwise I would have gone with his, the detail is much better, especially around the running gear, need another 2 Es for my friends Barbarossa project, will be working on these over the next week. 

Thursday 27 April 2023

Final test print (maybe) of the Hungarian Sdkfz 11

 Hi guys

Almost finished with this vehicle, have added a few details, handles on the ammo bin doors, grab handles at the rear entrance, track link detail, added a slight bulge in the tyre wall, added stowed canvas frame at the rear of the ammo bin, and finished and printed the drivers cab roof and canvas cover for the rear, I have just sat these lose on the vehicle for the pics, I’m pretty happy with the STL, any faults are due to poor support placement or happened post production, to attach the rear canvas property in its current form I’d need to trim some detail, I could create a file with the canvas cover attached to the vehicle as one pieces, I could also create a solid drivers cab option, thoughts? 

I’ve also started on my next vehicle a Hungarian 35m KV40 artillery tractor, it’s coming along nicely, having som issues with a very complicated rear tyre though. I may have reached the limits of my current skills. 

Monday 24 April 2023

Hungarian Sdkfz 11 test print.

 Hi guys

This Hungarian Sdkfz 11 CAD sculpt is not finished, but I got antsy and want to see if it was going to print, so I did a test print, there was an issue with the bench seat in the drivers cab, I think it was weakened when I hollowed the vehicle, I will fix that issue, when I looked at the print I thought the detail, rivets and the like, may have been to small, but after undercoating in grey they are a little more visible, I may go back and enlarge them slightly, what do you think? I have taken pics with another Sdkfz 11 I printed earlier which shows the original file before I did anything to it. I’m pretty chuffed at how it turned out, a few more details to change/add and I will do another print. There is also a rear canvas cover, and a drivers cab roof that will come separately with the vehicle, some people like solid cabs, so I may also do a solid option.