Saturday 10 November 2018

WIP War rig

Hi guys

This is my WIP war rig for all Post Apoc scenarios, sorry, forgot to take pics before I base coated it, I masked the flames of the original cab because they were just to cool to waste, the drivers cab actually looks like the bonnet of that car, it has a cage over the windows, the prime movers cab and engine are an amalgamation of 2 Matchbox/Hotwheels cars, the wheels and undercarriage of the cab and trailer is from a WWII 1/72nd Trumpeter Dragon Wagon, the trailer upper is from a cheap truck trailer and a Matchbox van cut in half for the fighting compartments, one of the pics has the seat area for the van with MG and gunner, I also have a couple of loose figures to man the trailer defences (that are among my survivor conversions in an earlier post)

Friday 9 November 2018

Review-Dark Alliance Stalker set 2

Hi guys

Review of set 1 can be seen here
I will be calling this the "funnies" set, set 1 contained mostly generic foot soldier types, set 2 contains some specialist types, the body proportions, poses and sculpting are all as good as set 1, and has the same firm sand coloured plastic, again with 12 poses for 48 figures.
The breakdown of each 12 man sprue of set 1 was
Assault rifles - 6
Shot guns - 3
pistol totters - 1 (double pistols)
sword swingers - 1 (double swords)
mini gunners - 1 (massive guy with a cigar and mohawk)
males - 11
Females - 1
gas masks - 4

The breakdown of each 12 man sprue of set 2 is
Assault rifle - 1
Sniper rifles - 2
arrow shooters - 2 (1 bow 1 crossbow)
LMG - 1
Grenade launcher - 1
Shotguns - 3
pistoleros - 1 (also has an axe)
Machete swingers -1 ( also has a machine pistol)
Leader with Binos - 1
Males - 11
Females - 1
exoskeletons - 2
gas masks - 3
Set 1 had a few figures that could be used for modern PMCs of special forces, set 2 has a much more sci fi/Post apoc feel, although the 2 sets fit perfectly with each other, the first pic below has both sets 1 and 2 side by side, the 2 sets provide 24 poses of Post Apoc badassery, again a 10/10 set, if I were to change anything I would drop a shot gun guy and add a flame thrower.
Next up Dark alliance survivors, another 12 Post apoc poses that fit in well with these first 24. 

Sunday 4 November 2018

Review-1/72 Dark Alliance Stalker set 1

Hi guys

This is the first in a 4 part review series of the Dark Alliance 1/72nd scale Post Apocalypse sets, Stalkers 1, Stalkers 2, Survivors, and Rednecks, this is the Stalker 1 set, there are 12 poses and 48 figures (this is the same for all 4 sets). The poses are excellent, all useful and nothing is wasted IMHO, the figs all have good physical proportions and all look natural, interestingly they are all of different heights and proportions but do not look out of scale with each other, the largest figure is the mini gun guy 25mm from soles of feet to eyes, the others range from 21-24mm, 1/72nd plastics have certainly come a long way, the sculpting on these guys is sublime, and they do not have that horrible 2D flatness that a lot of sets have.
The plastic is a sand colour, I have sprayed white and given a black wash to pick out the detail for you, I have not trimmed any flash, so the moulding is excellent, they are a brand new release, so lets hope this continues on for a long time, the plastic is quite firm, and I think they will paint up nicely.
The uses for these figures is varied, a few could be good for modern PMCs, or SF soldiers, the girl with the 2 pistols could be a tomb raider, a couple look like they could hunt predators through the jungle, none would look out of place in Fall out, surprisingly not many look like they would fit into the Stalker genre, as I associate gas masks with that game and only 4 have them. They have a cool range of weapons and gear, a good mix of melee, shot guns, assault rifles and the mini gun.
All in all an excellent set, I give it 10/10, I mean for a plastic set, how could it be improved? keep in mind there are still 3 sets to come, all of which fit well with each other.

Monday 29 October 2018

1/72 Stalker conversions pre paint

Hi guys

24 Stalker conversions for my post apoc project, (I have Dark Alliance Stalkers sets 1 and 2 on order) but had made these before I even knew about those sets, anyway, more the merrier, these are a mix of a few different sets, WWII, modern Russians, and lots of putty. Next post will be cars.

Sunday 28 October 2018

Post Apoc survivors

Hi guys

I now have a new laptop, so I will resume posting, though I am thinking of posting less of my commissions (restricting to only posting new subjects)

I have wanted to do a post apoc project for a long time, I have a collection in 2 scales 15mm and 1/72, but due to matchbox/hotwheels 1/72 is a better option, so I have started converting figures, I want to cover all sub genres, road warrior, stalker, zombie apoc, near future asymetric war fare, here are some zombie survivor types, my next post will be converted stalker types, as is always the way, after I worked on these Dark Alliance released 4 boxes of figs Stalkers 1 and 2, red necks and survivors, I have ordered all these boxes and will do a review when they arrive.

So I have gone for a mix of walking dead, left 4 dead and generic characters in the first pic I have
Figs 1- Rochelle L4D 3- Louis L4D 6- Nick L4D 7- was going to be Louis but I have him so maybe coach

 Fig 1-Sophia WD 2-Carol WD 3-Carl version 1 WD 4-Rosita WD 5-Daryl WD 6-Michonne WD 7-Carl version 2 8-Rick WD

 These are generic, but I have some prisoners and a postal worker on the end

 more generics with a couple of cops on the end