Sunday, 4 November 2018

Review-1/72 Dark Alliance Stalker set 1

Hi guys

This is the first in a 4 part review series of the Dark Alliance 1/72nd scale Post Apocalypse sets, Stalkers 1, Stalkers 2, Survivors, and Rednecks, this is the Stalker 1 set, there are 12 poses and 48 figures (this is the same for all 4 sets). The poses are excellent, all useful and nothing is wasted IMHO, the figs all have good physical proportions and all look natural, interestingly they are all of different heights and proportions but do not look out of scale with each other, the largest figure is the mini gun guy 25mm from soles of feet to eyes, the others range from 21-24mm, 1/72nd plastics have certainly come a long way, the sculpting on these guys is sublime, and they do not have that horrible 2D flatness that a lot of sets have.
The plastic is a sand colour, I have sprayed white and given a black wash to pick out the detail for you, I have not trimmed any flash, so the moulding is excellent, they are a brand new release, so lets hope this continues on for a long time, the plastic is quite firm, and I think they will paint up nicely.
The uses for these figures is varied, a few could be good for modern PMCs, or SF soldiers, the girl with the 2 pistols could be a tomb raider, a couple look like they could hunt predators through the jungle, none would look out of place in Fall out, surprisingly not many look like they would fit into the Stalker genre, as I associate gas masks with that game and only 4 have them. They have a cool range of weapons and gear, a good mix of melee, shot guns, assault rifles and the mini gun.
All in all an excellent set, I give it 10/10, I mean for a plastic set, how could it be improved? keep in mind there are still 3 sets to come, all of which fit well with each other.


  1. Nice stuff! Unfortunately not my prefered scale.

    1. Yeah, not really mine either, but they go with matchbox/hotwheels cars, so they are good for the PA genre.

    2. True... I tried 15mm with 1:87 cars and am quite happy with the outcome:

  2. I've got them and I'm very satisfied. Plan to use them as Colonial survivors on an Alien planet. Will use Elhiem Colonial Marines as the search party.