Friday 24 February 2012

Colour scheme ideas needed for my merc mechs

Hi guys, here are the mechs ready for painting, I need some advice on the paint scheme for my Japanese Merc Battalion, please vote for either of these ideas, I was thinking of going with No. 1 but am now leaning to No. 2.
1) each mech in a different bright colour, Light blue, pink, yellow, red, blue etc, each having a different Japanese theme, with a free hand mural Geisha, rising sun, Dragon, Cherry blossom, Koi, etc.
2) Each mech has the same 3 tone camo, but a different trim colour, Light blue, pink, yellow, red, blue etc, each having a different Japanese theme, with a free hand mural, Giesha, rising sun, Dragon, Cherry blossom, Koi, etc.
3) Each Mech has the same single neutral colour, but a different trim colour, Light blue, pink, yellow, red, blue etc, each having a different Japanese theme, with a free hand mural, Geisha, rising sun, Dragon, Cherry blossom, Koi, etc.

I will write up a background for this Battalion later, I'm now considering painting up a pilot for each of these.
Th group
The Shoguns mech

This APC is for a different force, but thought I would show the final configuration.

Saturday 18 February 2012

WIP 15mm Mercenary Mech Company

Hi guys, well, after Spaceman spiff of TMP created his 10mm Scifi blog I have had a renewed enthusiasm for 15mm sci fi (thanks Spaceman), in particular for all things Mech, so have started several 15mm Mech projects, this is the latest, (I want to build all the mechs of each project, so I can paint them all with the spray gun in the same session) I usually do all military figs/models in military colour schemes, however I was impressed with a pink/white Mech on Spaceman Spiffs blog and thought I would like to do some colourful mechs, so am designing a Japanese style Mercenary Mech force, I bought 16 of these plastic Mechs from a Russian seller on ebay quite cheap so they will be ideal for some experimentation, I am up sizing most of them and because the detail is a bit soft, will be doing a bit of conversion and detail work. These 8 will be colourful, the other 8 will be more military looking. I want to turn these pretty average models into something stunning, thats the plan anyway, we will see how they turn out.

Friday 17 February 2012

WIP 15mm heavy APC

Hi guys, I needed some Heavy APCs to carry infantry to support my Mechs, I have 3 1/72nd scale Stryker kits in my stash, so have designed this, the tracks are from Hats rubbish quick build T-34, a dog of a kit and this is the only use I could find for it, I'm not sure if the wheel base in to short though, the alternative configuration would be to shorten the track by a wheel and adding the origiinal road wheel to the front to make a half track. The turret is from an Airfix Scimitar, I still need to add a gun.

Thursday 16 February 2012

WIP 15mm Mechs

Hi guys, a troop of Mechs being prepped for undercoating, I'm thinking of using a grey urban commo pattern, I recieved them in a swap, not sure who made these, I was told but have forgotten, anyone know? The heavy shotgun is a conversion, I'm not sure if I should use the rotor blade things or leave them off, what do you think? Thinking of using them as Mechs for sci fi Russians or Chinese.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

15mm Empire War Band finished

Hi guys, I've mostly finished the Empire War Band, just a couple of small detail to do, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, next up in this project, Dwarves.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

What do you think of this style and size mech for 15mm?

Hi guys, what do you think of this Mech model? (the grey one, not the green), is it to big to use with 15mm? I got it cheap from Hobby links Japan, the head is a similar shape to the Khurasan Mekanoids and was thinking of using it as a large walker in a Mekanoid army, I usually prefer Battle tech type mechs then Gundum style, but it sort of looks like a large version of the Mekanoid, I don't like the size of the weapon, so will either drop it and use arm mounted weapons, or change it from a long sniper type to a short carbine type of rifle.

Friday 10 February 2012

Norse War band Snow Troll finished

Hi guys, Norse War Band snow troll finished.

WIP 15mm Empire Ogre

Hi guys, I wasn't happy with the Ogre, so did some putty work, I think he is a bit more "Empire" now, what do you think?

WIP 15mm Empire War band ready for paint

Hi guys, the Empire War Band ready to paint, I have decided to touch up and improve the current paint job, rather then a full repaint, I wanted them to look more like they are ready for war then party, so swapped some of the flowery hats for helmets and leather caps, shortened the pikes to spears, added some armor and shields, the big guys is an old GW Chaos Marauder that I will use as an Empire Ogre, (any ideas on how to make him look more like an Ogre?) I will give all the chips and green stuff a black enamel undercoat, then paint them up.

Thursday 9 February 2012

WIP 15mm Empire War band

Hi guys, while I've been working on the Norse, I've been planning my next War Band, and have decided on Empire, probably Averland, I will use these old Museum Landsknecht figures and give most of them head swaps from some old Gothic knights, the knights are to small but have big heads so the fit will be good, and they will all get a re paint.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

WIP 15mm Norse War band

Hi guys, the Norse War band almost finished, just have to do a couple of details on these figures, have to do the base on the Jarl, find a warewolf to lead the wolf pack, do 3 or 4 bowman, and paint up a yeti and I will be done, the converted Celts turned out pretty nice.
Group shot
Jarl Ragnar the Red and his Huscarls, Erik halfstride, and Jorg Bloodaxe.
Jarl Ragnar the red (still need to finish his base)

Jorg Bloodaxe (if you meet Jorg in battle you will find out how he got his nick name)

Erik Halfstride (he walks with a limp from a battle wound to the thigh)

Shaman, Thordal the strange

The Norse Marauders.

The wolf pack.