Sunday 19 April 2020

Witch hunters re paint

Hi guys

These are not finished yet, (need to finish a few details, do some more weathering to the bases, add some highlights to the belts/pouches) but I took some of the advice offered regarding my last post, and changed the teal colour to a dark red, and lightened the bases a bit, I think they look much better, what do we think?

Sunday 12 April 2020

Need some advice

Hi guys


I'm always looking to improve, I have some questions re these figures, they are not 100% finished, theres some small details I need to complete, but looking for overall advise on how I can make them look better, how to go to the next level, this is my style, are some styles better than others? do some styles have a better upper limit? will I need to change styles to improve or can I get better at this style?
1) How do I improve these figs? Go to the next level?
2) is the colour pallet OK? I love teal, but does it work here, teal and black?
3) anything overall that I could do to improve?
4) specifically the faces, any suggestions to improve?
5) how would you rate them out of 10?
6) do they work as a warband? are they to similar/uniform for the subject matter?