Wednesday 28 February 2024

Kfz 76

 Hi guys

I needed 3 x Kfz 76s for the Dak project, don’t worry, I didn’t know what a Kfz 76 was either, even though I am a former artilleryman, it was a German truck mounted artillery observation/range finding vehicle, it was mounted on a couple of very similar truck chassis, one of which was the einheitsdiesel, I found the base model file on thingiverse but the file is basically unprintable as is, holly with very thin walls, so it took a bit of work to make it printable, I then converted the truck into a Kfz 76. 

Sunday 25 February 2024

Laffly s20tls for my 21st Pz Div project

 Hi guys 

I had these 3 Laffly s20tls in my French stash, they are Windham Graves sculpts, pretty nice to, found free on Thingyverse, I love the laffly in all its various configurations, so I thought I would press them into service for my 21st Pz Div motorised PzGren battalion, I think Citroen trucks were more likely, but Lafflys are a possibility, so I’ll go with it, I’ll do some Citroens as well, my plan is to make a few groups of vehicle then have a mass airbrushing session, I’m often to lazy to break out the airbrush, I shouldn’t be because it usually does a good job, next group of vehicles will be pioneer halftracks for the pioneer battalion and Von Lucks HQs pioneer detachment. 

Friday 23 February 2024

21st Pz Div Unic P107s and Pak 38s

 Hi guys

Have put these 3 Unic P107 gun tractors and Pak 38s together for my 21st Pz Div project, the towed AT guns in the AT units were Pak 43/41s, but various regimental HQs had Pak 38s attached, I probably only need 2 of these, but I have the models to do 3, so I’ll do 3. The only improvement I did on the P107s was replace the door handles, remove the unconvincing shovels and at a folded down windscreen, stowage, and crew. The Pak 38s are my own design, I have these 3 in the towed position spare, I’ll print a couple of deployed 38s as well. I’ll need some more P107s to tow the Pak 43/41s but I’ll improve the file a little before printing. 

Monday 19 February 2024

This years plans

Hi guys

We are well into 2024 and I have been so busy I haven’t even thought about hobby plans for this year, at the end of 2022 I pledged that I would stick to 1/72 WWII for all of 2023, and I failed, I lasted 8 month before being lured away by other genres and scales, I had planned on doing the full year, then moving onto another genre for a year, however, I still have so much to do, and I really enjoy 1/72 WWII, so I’m committing myself to another full year, last year I made good progress on my Hungarians, 1940s French and Luftwaffe field Div, this year I will concentrate on the 21st Pz Div, and 1940 BEF, as well as making a start on Russian Naval infantry and assault engineers. 

I have already printed some of the vehicles for the 21st, but I did that before I taught myself CAD, so the detail is quite chunky on some of these vehicle, I’m not going to continue with the chunky detail, so my choices are re design the STL files and start over, or physically remove the detail and re detail the old fashioned way, I think I will do both, try and save these vehicles and future prints will be updated.

I’m going to start by doing elements of kampfgruppe von luck, firstly his HQ, which will have himself, an MC recon element, a Pak 38, and a pioneer section, then I’ll work on PzGren regt 125, Pz Aufk-Abt 21, Pz Regt 22, Storm-Abt 200 as well as some AT, AA and pioneer element. 

Saturday 17 February 2024

This weeks progress

 Hi guys

This weeks progress on my personal projects, not to much achieved, got the crew mounted on these vehicles, I’ll paint some last details, them weather and base them.