Sunday 25 February 2024

Laffly s20tls for my 21st Pz Div project

 Hi guys 

I had these 3 Laffly s20tls in my French stash, they are Windham Graves sculpts, pretty nice to, found free on Thingyverse, I love the laffly in all its various configurations, so I thought I would press them into service for my 21st Pz Div motorised PzGren battalion, I think Citroen trucks were more likely, but Lafflys are a possibility, so I’ll go with it, I’ll do some Citroens as well, my plan is to make a few groups of vehicle then have a mass airbrushing session, I’m often to lazy to break out the airbrush, I shouldn’t be because it usually does a good job, next group of vehicles will be pioneer halftracks for the pioneer battalion and Von Lucks HQs pioneer detachment. 

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