Friday 30 September 2011

42nd highlanders Black Watch finished

Hi guys, commission finished for my mate Scott (A.K.A Trailape) just in time for his hoem coming from Afghanistan, the 42nd Black Watch on campaign in the Peninsular, 26 figure strong, pretty happy with how they came out. Now onto some of my own 15mm Scifi.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

TMP 15mm SCIFI Board vehicle swap

Hi guys, my TMP 15mm scifi board vehicle swap package arrived today, Jeff sent me a beautiful VTOL in a very nice Urban camo scheme, and one of his own creations, a drone, created using a 3D printer.
The VTOL is superb, and when I find out where its from I will buy a couple more, for an armature creation, the drone is simply amazing, it is easily as good if not better then a lot of professionally created vehicles, the detail is simply stunning, and the cherry on top is, it is quite unique, not sure if it will ever be commercially available, if it were I would buy it.

Monday 12 September 2011

Colonist vehicle finished

Hi guys, I've finished this vehicle with a pastel chalk wash around the lower half, I think it turned out pretty good all round, anything I would do differently? I forgot to seal the decals before the oil wash, and half of them dissolved on contact with the wash, the decals on it are the survivors, I will be dropping this in the post for the new owner this week.

15mm test Stormtrooper

Hi guys, fellow gamer, blogger and friend Arjun sent me his micromachine star wars figures to test some conversion possibilities, and here is my test Stormtrooper conversion, using GZG NI body and micro machine stormtrooper head, the head looks a little big, but not overly, 15mm figs generally have big heads anyway, and the design of the helmet may just also just be big, what do you thinks? does it work? I'm tending to say yes, the other types of troops, e.g. rebels are also looking promising.

Friday 9 September 2011

The Department

Hi guys, I don't usually do posts without pictures, but there is a project in process at Kickstarter to produce a Scifi tabletop war gaming/RPG set of rules called "The Department" it looks like it will be very Blade runner like, they are looking for donations to get the project off the ground and are nearly there, you will receive the rules and various other things for your donations, I think the rules look pretty interesting, for more info go to

Tuesday 6 September 2011

WIP Colonist vehicle 5

Hi guys, starting to get there, when the oil wash is dry, I will start with the pastels. the dozer blade is detachable.